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About Registration

For a Dog to be Registered it must be purebred and able to have its pedigree (parentage) traced back for many generations.

Further to this:

  • the Breeder (and registered owner of the dogs used for breeding) must be registered with their state controlling body.

  • the Dogs used for breeding must have completed the required health testing. For Labradors this is a minimum of Hip and Elbow scoring, DNA testing for inheritable diseases and an annual eye clearance.

  • the Breeder must be a current member of their state's canine controlling body.

There are two different types of registration for purebred dogs in Australia:

Main Register Registration - (Blue Certificate)

Mains Registration means their is no limitation placed on the dog and it may compete in conformation

showing, used for breeding etc.

Limited Register Registration - (Orange Certificate)

A dog placed on the Limited Register is unable to enter conformation shows or to be bred from. Limited

Registered Dogs can still compete in Retrieving Trials, Obedience Trials, Agility Trials, Field Trials and

Scent Work Trials.

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