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Otterway Farm is located in the Gippsland Lakes Region of Victoria, 2 hours from the ski fields of Mount Hotham and 5 minutes from the 90 mile beach and the largest river system in Australia. Our Labradors love their visits to the beach, creeks, rivers and lakes in the area.

                                          We have 20 acres on which the dogs have room to run, explore, swim in dams and just be dogs.                                                        This is very important to us- our dogs are able to 'just be dogs' They are very much part of our family                                                      and are with us all the time just doing whatever it is we might be or lolling around on the deck in the                                                      sun.

                                         Once our dogs are retired from breeding and showing they remain here and live out their days; they                                                     are part of our family. That said, our 9 year old Clementine still enjoys heading to shows to strut her stuff                                                 in the Veterans class!


                                         The patriarch of Otterway Farm is Angus, a grand old black Labrador

                                          who came with us from New Zealand and at the age of 14 years

                                          he is still the alpha and manages to keep the younger pups in line.

                                          At Otterway we aim to breed sound, healthy Labradors with excellent

                                          temperaments and conformation.

Our Labradors are DNA tested to identify any hereditary diseases or traits they may carry prior to

breeding. We also undertake hip and elbow scoring to ensure they are unlikely to develop or pass on hip

or elbow dysplasia.

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